Our Experience

Established since 1976 we weave a wide range of denim and chambray fabrics.

Our Inhouse spinning produces Ring Yarn and Open End Yarn with Slub and Multicount yarn production.

With Indigo Dyeing capability for Rope Dye and Loop Dye producing wide range of colors - indigo standard, yarn mercerized, dark indigo, double dip indigo, sulphur bottom, sulphur top and a few more.

Our factory is located in Bandung, Indonesia is
able to weave over 2.5 million yards a year.

Quanlity Standards

It begin even before we spin our yarn - our cotton fiber selection uses state of the art machineries. Every production steps are carefully monitored and consistently evaluated till the end product which goes through a rigorous QA approval process.

Our Head Office:
C/O PT. Argo Pantes
Jl. MH Thamrin KM 4, Cikokol,
Tangerang, Banten, 15117
Tel: +62 21 8052 3869

Our Factory:
Jl. A. H. Nasution No. 127
Bandung 40194
Tel: +62 22 720 6565



This is but a very small sample of our denim fabric range. We weave over 200+ of construction styles for our worldwide clientele from stretch, non-stretch and light-weight. Our indigo rope dye process is one of the finest in Indonesia.
NPD 1013 H

11 oz stretch slub deep indigo denim, RHT 3/1,  98% cotton,2% spandex.
Its special cast are liked by many european buyers.  
Subtle slub character combining with very rich color plus nice handfeel  are the wonderful  combination making this fabric highly  suitable for women pants, skirts and even jackets.

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NPD 1075 N

11 oz stretch slub black denim, RHT 3/1, 98% cotton, 2% spandex.
Fine slub character and black rich color make this fabric highly suited for women pants, jackets or even kids garments.

NPD 965 I
NPD 965 I

11 oz cross hatch Black denim, RHT 3/1,
100% cotton.
Masculine slub character with black color which good for pants, jacket  and due to it’s handfeels, some of our customer use it also
for kids garment.

SSQ 8303
SSQ 8303

12.5 oz crosshatch deep indigo denim, RHT 3.
100% cotton.
Very deep indigo with masculine slub character suitable for pants or jacket.
With this fabric, you are able to obtain wde range of
color in laundry.

SSQ 8060 P
SSQ 8060 P

5 oz Indigo denim,
100% cotton
Good outlook of fabric with a smooth handfeel and rich indigo color. Suitable for mens shirt, dress, jumpsuit denim tank top and comfortable
for kids garments.

NPL 0006 ABB - 02
NPL 0006 ABB - 02

5.5 oz chambray crosshatch Deep Indigo denim.
100% cotton
Good outlook of fabric with crosshatch slub and deep indigo color. Suitable for mens shirt, dress, and very comfortable for kids garments.


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